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MISSION: Audit legitimate utility tokens enabling the end user to launch, purchase and exchange safe assets while utilizing the lowest exchange rates available. The DAR CEX (Centralized Exchange) and DAR DEX (Decentralized Exchange) platforms will facilitate a safer environment within the crypto-space attracting both seasoned and new investors. 

DAR Exchange: Provide investors access to legitimate, well vetted tokens that offer a solid utility using the website or app. Tokens will be vetted through the DAR Audit Process and approved to be listed on the exchange. Safety will be implemented and executed by offering the investor 4 layers of security: 2FA, Email Verification, KYC Verification and Bank Verification. The end user will be able to maintain a wallet through the exchange and deposit funds through a credit/debit card or directly from their bank, worldwide on DAR CEX V2. The exchange will have a Royalties Program (RP) where 30% of the profit goes to RP members. Purchases of Tokens will be available through the website (dartoken.io) once the API Key is approved.

Our exchange specializes in the lowest fees offered to the cryptocurrency community. DAR CEX is designed to save investors money and will retain the lowest fee structure even as traffic increases. This provides a safer investment environment while making the process easier and expands the overall investor threshold of tokens listed. There is a fee for tokens to be listed and we are offering the first 5 tokens at a discounted rate. Charities through the exchange will be considered, with the first two being Red Panda and Law Enforcement agencies.

DAR DEX: 10% of DEX revenue will be reflected to DDT holders in BNB on a monthly basis. Allows CRAP Tokens but will be labeled “Not Vetted”, “DAR Approved,” OR “Buyer Beware” in order to give investors a space to invest in riskier coins. Tokens that are applying to be listed on the DAR Exchange through the DAR Audit may launch their tokens through DAR DEX. Fees for this platform will be similar to Ethereum Network fees, and will have wallet verification. 2.5% of revenue will be allocated to CONFIRMED victims of scams, and people in need to be determined by the Audit Team. There will be special features available to DDT holders who hold a certain amount of DDT determined on the current price level.

DAR Coin: Will be TAX FREE with the utility of helping law enforcement catch scammers and help replenish lost revenue to DAR holders that have been duped. This will be facilitated through DAR Coin’s relationship to the FBI and their National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team. Funds will be generated by using a portion of the profit from the DAR Exchange thereby eliminating the need for a high tax coin and allowing investors to keep a higher percentage of their profits. Members will have to hold a stake in DAR Coin in order to recapture potential lost revenue. Any money recovered from the restitution of prosecuted Crypto scammers will be redistributed to current holders of DAR Coin. The amount of DAR Coins required to be held in order to recover lost funds will be determined at a later time. The mechanism of recovering lost funds will be done through the Crap Token Swap (CTS). Max supply will be one billion. DAR will launch a credit card to accompany the DAR Coin.

DAR Audit: Vets future coins for the DAR CEX and DAR DEX platforms. In order to qualify for the audit process, the token must have a 1.5 Million Market Cap with a healthy daily trading volume and MUST be a utility token. Additionally, the token’s contract will need to be analyzed in detail. The DAR Audit team will be investigating: Misinformation, Hidden Wallet Components, Hidden Tax not affiliated with the contract, How Tax Funds are being utilized, Where Tax Funds are sent, and How many Legitimate Wallet Addresses are present prior to/during launch. The DEV(s) of the token must be fully doxxed in which they will sign an NDA, provide all of their information, and engage in a video call with the DAR Audit Team. This information will be verified prior to the token being listed on either DAR DEX or DAR CEX.

DUT Token: What is DUT and what does DUT stand for? DUT is DAR Utilities Token. DUT represents and Major Utility is backed behind it. Our Cex, Dex,Vault, NFT Marketplace,Swap & BattleVerse Video Game. There is a lot of benefits from holding DUT. You will receive 2% in BUSD rewards from buys and sells. 10% of our monthly generated revenue from our DEX platform also goes back to holders of DUT. Another 10% from the Dex revenue goes towards buying back DUT as well. Revenue generated from our other utilities is used to buy back DUT also. You will also need DUT to purchase in game add-ons as well as NFT’s. After you have purchased DUT, just add the BUSD contract to your Trust or MetaMask wallet and you will start receiving your portion of the 2% BUSD rewards.
Tokenomics are as follows:2% BUSD Rewards 4% Marketing 5% BurnTotal of 11% on buys and sellsThe burn percentage will decrease overtime once we have met our goal of approximately 30B Circulating Supply.

DAR Blockchain: Timeline to be announced on the DAR Roadmap at dartoken.io and will be the blockchain protocol for DAR Coin.

DAR NFT Platform: Will be offered on the Polygon blockchain accessible with Opensea. Currently launching 1,000 minted DAR Battleverse NFTs with 100 NFTs being available for presale for DDT holders that have 12.5 million DDT, limit 5 per wallet. NFT’s will be available for purchase in Matic equivalent to .5 BNB at time of purchase. There is a Royalty Program(RP) for the NFT holders available prior to launch. Prices subject to change varying on price influx. NFTs purchased after launch will be priced at the equivalent of 1 BNB in Matic value. 

DAR VAULT: The DAR Vault is the safest way to Store, Swap and Secure your favorite Cryptocurrency Coins or Tokens. With a built-in aggregator and swap, you can easily make purchases through a credit or debit card. The Vault was designed as a safe and secure place to go to avoid you from accidentally connecting to any fake links to avoid you from potentially losing any of your investments. Safety and security is our top priority here at DAR and the Vault was carefully thought out to avoid from you being scammed in any way. The Vault is also trademark pending. You are able to purchase directly from Uniswap or Pancakeswap with a few clicks of a button. If you also choose to, you are able to import your seed phrase to connect your Trust or MetaMask Wallet as well. Sign up today and create an account through your email and password. You are also able to login using a password and/or 2FA code.

Customer Service: Our team is available through our social media sites, email, and customer service phone number. Feel free to reach out to us using the links found in the contact section of our website using the QR code below. 

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