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 DAR Exchange
(Website LIVE)

Sign up, get verified and purchase your favorite Crypto’s through PayPal or Stripe. At DAR, we always strive to keep the fees as low as possible for our users.

DAR Vault
(Website LIVE)

The safest place to swap, store and secure your crypto. The fastest transaction speeds with an Atomic Swap and built in Aggregator. Connect directly to Uniswap & Pancakeswap.

(Website LIVE)

Our State of the art Auditing system goes through line by line and code by code to check for any important vulnerabilities in a contract. Audits are always checked numerous times to make sure no securities are overlooked. Reach out to us today for your DAR Audit and pricing.

(Website LIVE)

Launch your project from the DAR Swap. ETH, BNB and Polygon available on our swap.

DAR Bridge
(coming soon)

DUT bridge to The Ethereum Network is here. With ETH having 4 times the Market Cap of BNB, we want to make DUT available for those holders as well. 6% tax on buys and sells. 4% tax on buys and sells on each network when we bridge to Polygon.

NFT Marketplace
(coming soon)

We partnered with NFT geniuses at MetaLaunchers to form the MetaDAR NFT Marketplace. With low fees and free Minting, you can buy and sell on ETH, BSC, Matic, Cronos & AVA.

(coming soon)

The DAR Dex will be offered for any project to join. Get vetted by DAR and launch on our Dex. We have Bot and Practice trading. DUT holders benefit greatly as 10% of Dex monthly revenue goes back to its holders in BNB or ETH.

DAR Staking
(Website LIVE)

Stake your DUT & DELO right here! DAR Staking allows any project to come and stake on our platform. Ready to offer Staking for your project? Ask us how.

(Website LIVE)

100 on 100 first shooter game with 14x14 kilometers of battlefield. 1k minted Utility NFT’s for the game that offer everything from extra health to upgraded armor and weapons.

(coming soon)

You have heard of eBay, welcome to eDAR! Buy and sell your goods on the only site that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment. Whether it’s a book, baseball card or a computer, list it on eDAR so you can get the asking price you want in your favorite crypto.

DAR Deploy
(Website LIVE)

Let DAR deploy your next contract from our trusted network.

DAR Chain
(coming soon)

To add to our umbrella of Utilities will be our very own Blockchain. Safety and Security is the utmost important. Projects listed on DAR chain will be vetted thoroughly and will be the blockchain protocol for DAR Coin.

Multichain Token


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